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 Below are some examples of commissioned pieces to demonstrate how I work - from the initial briefing through to the final piece.

Backwards in High Heels


Backwards in High Heels is a humorously incisive take on the ironies of wearing a dress. I am fascinated by different perceptions of reality and the consequences that evolve…A dress can represents aspects of one’s character, hopes, desires and history in the current social climate.

The concept was inspired by the beauty and gravitas of the past, fashion and dress wearing across genders in history as today in many cultures.

The dress is created from a sewing machine, supermarket shopping basket, children’s cheap plastic toys, guns, farm animals, soldiers, cowboys and Indians.

I have taken the iconic Singer sewing machine to use as a base but first stripping out all the beautiful internal workings to incorporate in the dress.

Materials include Cast iron, Steel, stainless steel, concrete, gold leaf, plastics, brass and  fibreglass.

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