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 Below are some examples of commissioned pieces to demonstrate how I work - from the initial briefing through to the final piece.

Stilled at Last

This was a commissioned sculpture and one that was a challenge and that I was honoured to do - the people commissioning me had followed my work for nearly 30 years!

As you look through this gallery of images, you'll see the range of artefacts and information that were shown to me to help me to create the sculpture. Themes running through the piece include nature, domesticity, wildness and nurture, and finding ways for them all to coexist.

I wanted people to be represented by their deeds and actions, not by their actual presence and the idea of good husbandry and land management was important to these people. I wanted to depict  nature and the allowing of all beings to flourish and discovered spider webs as a useful tool to discreetly strengthen the sculpture.

Wild and domestic animals developed throughout this sculpture - the illusion of a blind on a window and the freedom of the bird flying in the elements; the suggestion of rolling hills in the landscape as a nod to Wessex. The sea also became important to the story of the sculpture, emphasising sun, moon, the stars and the tides. 

The final piece was set in concrete in beautiful surroundings.

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